Kirkland Lake Brass Band
7 Kirkland Street, Kirkland Lake, Ontario

 Ottawa Parliament Buildings, Sunday June 5,1994- Kirkland Lake Brass Band

Kirkland Lake Brass Band History

Early Years

     The Kirkland Lake Brass Band was originally formed in 1973. The founder and longtime conductor Mr. Jim Perry, was instrumental in this vision. Only one founding member is still active in the band, Mrs. Sylvia Wertman who plays First Horn.
     One of the first Kirkland Lake Brass Quartet concerts was held in 1971 in Deep River, as a thank you to Miss Grant's donation. A TV performance followed during the first Wintario draw, but the television show, taped in Timmins, for a Remembrance Day concert, aired on CFCL, was considered much more thrilling (1978) A very young member, Alex Kidston, took part in this event as well as in the 1981 TV Christmas special. On March 27, 1977 people of Kirkland Lake were treated to a concert by the ONTARIO BRASS QUINTET. Those highly acclaimed players had come up from Toronto to give workshops to the Kirkland Lake Brass Band members.
      Our town's location is synonymous with lots of snow and freezing temperatures; but it did not stop five hardy players from bundling up themselves and their instruments. Filling the night air with festive Christmas carols, they played for family, friends and supporters. This presented numerous problems, such as valves would stick, slides freeze and fingers got cold. Those obstacles were overcome by pouring Alcohol onto the valves or slides. This annual outing fell by the wayside in the mid-nineties. To deliver an indoor concert the uniform would change to white shirt & tie, blue blazers, grey slacks, dark socks and shoes. Running shoes were definitely out! The ladies outfit changed over the years, from long black skirts and blue blouses to the same "uniform" as the men.

      1980 to 1990 - Since brass bands were not very well known in Canada it was necessary to order musical scores, and arrangements from Great Britain. Our local brass band was incorporated in 1982. During the 44th anniversary (1982) of St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, the Kirkland Lake Brass Band participated in the celebration. An endless succession of performances were delivered with enthusiasm, commitment and much success. In 1983 we played in Englehart, for war veterans. Many times following, we entertained in the Englehart Highschool or their Community Hall. We played at dances or performed at Cancer Society fundraisers. The concert for the opening of 'Museum of Northern History, The Sir Harry Oakes Chateau' on July 2, 1983 was particularly special, since David Gillet composed the "Northern Suite" for this occasion. One ongoing problem persists - well trained players graduate and leave town, jeopardizing top notch performances. The need for a solo cornet player brought Phillip Denton from Yorksire England to Kirkland Lake. He decided to come to Canada and found sponsorship at Kirkland Lake Machine and Welding. Many players experienced the pleasure of joining other fine musicians like the Whitby Brass Band in April 1989. Two live bands on stage is very special and everyone enjoyed the flashy pieces, asking for an encore which was delivered in 1991. The benefit concert in 1990 for 18 year old Stephanie Carlton was memorable. 300 people attended this event. It was organized by Englehart High School students, bringing together the Kirkland Lake Brass Band, St. Peter's Anglican Church Bell Ringers and the Temiskaming Community Choir to raise funds, so Stephanie could receive much needed treatments.

      1991 to 2000 - Northwood Camp was the chosen location to film in March 1992 a Christmas Fantasy, shown by MCTV Timmins in December. The actual concert was held in the Anglican church. A TV variety show in 1993 was organized by Jim Perry and supported by the Loyal Order of the Moose. The taping was done without an audience, but the public joined in for the "Saturday Night Pop". Clicking of valves in some instruments had become disturbingly loud, so professional repairs were badly needed. It was good timing, since the band had grown; young people from Englehart, Kearns Township, Charlton & New Liskeard had joined. A result of Jim Perry's involvement with schools in that area. The Milberta Brass, formed in 1993 was one of the wonderful results. Those young people had to come by bus, which was provided by Despres Pacey. Since Wednesday was always a particularly long day, Eva Perry made sure that the traveller's had sandwiches and drinks on their 1 hour drive home. On Sunday June 5, 1994 we performed in Ottawa, in front of the Peace Tower, as part of the "Canada Remembers" celebration to mark the 50th anniversary of the D-Day landing in Normandy. We played songs that were popular 50 years ago. The Speaker of the House of Commons, the Honourable Gilbert Parent invited the band members to his chambers, after a splendid concert. Similar concerts were held at Riverside Place in New Liskeard, and Northern College in Kirkland Lake. Singer Sky MacDiarmid of Haileybury & guest piper Mike Adams of New Liskeard contributed to the program. Only a year later we were back in Ottawa, performing for Dutch royalty,at Majors Hill Park, in conjunction with "Victory in Europe" celebrations and the annual Tulip Festival. A vicious squall knocked over our stands and music, but we kept on playing, to the relief of guest conductor Paul Binnendyk. During a second concert, this one performed in Landsdowne Park, Dutch visitors sang the Gordon Langford arrangement "Songs of the Netherlands" in their native tongue. We hosted a reception for the Royal Military Band of the Netherlands, and an invitation to visit Kirkland Lake was accepted by the Dutch band conductor Pierre Kuijpers. In 1996 we welcomed the resident conductor of the Royal Dutch Military Band Pierre Kuijpers to Kirkland Lake. After a series of meticulous rehearsals he conducted our band for a packed house at Northern College. We experienced a real downfall, when 13 players left the band for southern locations, including the Milberta Brass Quartet, and the longstanding Xmas concert in 1996 almost did not happen, but highschool students from surrounding areas helped us out. We invited clarinets and saxophones to fill the empty chairs. Since 1997 we hold the annual "Festival of Carols & Lessons" Service at St. Paul's Anglican Church in Haileybury. A similar service is held in St. Peter's Anglican church in Kirkland Lake since 1974. The Brass Band's 30th anniversary, coincided with the 25th anniversary of this well loved Xmas concert in 1999. A hard question needed to be answered, should we fold or keep going - we decided for the latter. New young talents were being developed, and during a competition at the 2000 Kiwanis Music Festival in New Liskeard Devan Levinsky, a grade 4 student, won first place in the beginners category on his trombone. Jimmy Gregory, a grade 7 student also took first place at the intermediate level on his cornet. They were accompanied by Irena Poljakova, a concert pianist. In the year 2000 brought us the news that one of "our kids", Alex Kidston, who made music his profession, had embarked on a career in Great Britain.

      2001 to 2005 - 2001 saw the revival of the Kirkland Lake Kiwanis Music Festival. The "adjudicator's selection" concert, included a duet by Jessica Moore & Jimmy Gregory (2nd year), and the Kirkland Lake Brass Quartet and the whole brass band. That night was special, because it was the world premiere of David Chodoriwsky's "Fuge", composed and conducted by the 18 year old euphonium player of the Kirkland Lake Brass Band. David went on to study music. In the 2002 2nd Annual Kiwanis Music Festival in Kirkland Lake was held. The adjudicator, Mr. Robert Arnold from London, was running out of words to describe the high level playing that he was exposed to. He admired the tone quality and maturity of sound of the young players. He would have come up just to listen to the one piece played by the quartet, with all players equally strong. He was impressed by Jimmy Gregory's breath control in his solo piece. It was the young piano accompanist, Christa Bates, (cornet player in the band) who caught his attention. Mr. Arnold thought there might be something in our water that so many high level performances were delivered. He pointed his finger to the "teacher" Jim Perry, without his enormous efforts and great instructions - this would not have happened.
2003 - was the year of debuts & solos. At the music festival Rachel Goard played a solo & a duet with Mackenzie Mclean. Both times a gold was won. Rachel was also chosen for the concert of gold Devan Levinsky won the Jim Perry Trophy, which was awarded for the first time. He was also picked for the concert of gold & won a gold for the duet with Corey Croisier Just for interest: Devan came out the winner at the first annual busker fest in Kirkland Lake in the 16 and under category. The trophies for overall performance and the Jim Perry Trophy are exhibited at the Sir Harry Oakes, Museum of Northern History in Kirkland Lake. Except for the beginners, all other Kirkland Lake Brass Band participants at the festival played the same piece of music: the Minstrel Boy. Like other years, Christa Bates was the accompanist on the piano - thanks again very much. Further results of the 3rd annual Kiwanis Music Festival in Kirkland Lake can be checked out under history/competition of this webpage. The 2003 Spring concert at the Anglican Church introduced Emma von Keitz (horn) & also Connor Shorrock (euphonium) as soloists. Andrew Coholic (euphonium player) build a special bleacher for Connor, so he could be seen by the audience. A special thank you goes out to Roxanne Despres (first cornet) for organizing the Music Festival and to Lynne Dinnen (first horn),the music teacher at King George Public School, for screening potential band members. David Chodoriwsky came back to town, not as brass player though, but he entertained us with a magnificant piano concert. We said goodbye to two of our players, and wish them all the best. Katie Charette left for University & Jimmy Gregory moved to Bowmanville. A sad news/goodnews story - The former quartet was dissolved, but a new one sprang out of the ashes: Rachel Goard - cornet, Daniel Guindon - cornet, Emma von Keitz - horn, Connor Shorrock - euphonium This "IVY Quartet" was named after the roman numeral 4 (IV)

      Could it get any better? Indeed it did. All entries at the 4th Kiwanis Music Festival in 2004 won gold! Congratulations: Tyler Sweeting, Cole Taylor, Karlee Betti, Leah Shorrock, Rachel Goard, Corey Croisier, Emma von Keitz, Connor Shorrock, Daniel Guindon, Kirk Shorrock, Devan Levinski, the IVY quartet and the brass band. Corey delivered a double performance on the trombone as well as on the euphonium, not a small feat. She was awarded a $100 scholarship, given out for the first time at the festival. This year the Jim Perry Trophy was shared by Rachel Goard and Connor Shorrock. The adjudicator selected the following for the 'Concert of Gold': Emma von Keitz, Leah Shorrock, Kirk Shorrock, Connor Shorrock, Rachel Goard, Corey Croisier,Devan Levinski and The Kirkland Lake Brass Band. One more thing needs to be mentioned, and that is Christa Bates! She is heading for University and that will leave a big void for all the young students. To show their respect and appreciation they all marched down the middle lane at the College, in single file, to each present Christa with a rose. A sight to behold! Mr. Perry followed this line and presented her with a whole bunch more.... At the spring concert (2004) we introduced a feature, never before heard with the band: a trombone choir. The seven members played Crimond - Jim Perry, Devan Levinski, Andrew Coholic, Elisabeth Meyer, Corey Croisier, David Dunseath, Paul Rose. The Kirkland Lake Brass Band turns 35 - THANK YOU JIM, players and supporters.
The new 2005 season started with a couple of surprises. A big shuffle in the ranks took place. Daniel, Chris and Rachel moved to the solo cornet section, while Leah and Karlee are now playing second cornets. Corey switched to first trombone. The band purchased its own drumset - a special treat and another first for the band. Claire Guindon joined the ranks on drums and timpanies. David Gillett came out of hibernation and composed a beautiful piece combining parts of 'Now thank we all our God" and of Martin Luther's "Ein feste Burg - a mighty fortress". Jim Perry put together a new quartet - all cornets: Leah Shorrock, Karlee Betti, Tyler Sweeting & Cole Taylor. These four young people were put to the test during the Remembrance Day service at St. Peter's. For the first time in the band's history we have two quartets at the same time; a great achievement. This whole year seemed like one big, continuous celebration. This included the concert to raise awareness for the Music Festival, performances with the Kirkland Lake Highschool Band (Paul Binnendyk, conductor)and with the Englehart Highschool Band (Jennifer Smith, conductor), as well as a variety concert in November 2004, to raise funds for the foodbank, featuring the IVY Brass Quartet (Dan, Rachel, Emma & Connor) plus Corey on the trombone and Connor & Cory playing a euphonium duet.
The culmination of our 35th anniversary was the 'Festival of Lessons & Carols' at St. Peter's [a 30 year history]. Here Connor Shorrock delivered a superb euphonium solo:"O Holy Night". David Gillett conducted his composition, featuring the trombone choir, Jim Perry, Corey Croisier, Devan Levinsky, Andrew Coholic, Elisabeth Meyer, David Dunseath, Paul Rose, Cara Mowbray. Another 'first' for our band was Bach/Gunod's "Ave Marie", showcasing a euphonium choir: Jim Perry, Andrew Coholic, Jackie Levinsky, Connor Shorrock, Corey Croisier, Paul Rose. We had also prepared for the 10th anniversary at St. Paul's in Haileybury, but a nasty storm and minus 42 degrees, with windchill it was down to minus 54 the Xmas concert needed to be canceled. Some of us early birds were stranded in New Liskeard overnight, while some brave souls dared to drive home - an unforgettable trip. 2005, was another great year, since we got a glimpse of the music to be played. As usual, the young musicians were well rehearsed, and shone at the 5th annual Kiwanis Music Festival. All events were held at the same location, 'Northern College Auditorium'. The adjudicator, Ms. Brenda Arrowsmith, (Cambrian College, Sudbury)awarded "gold" to Karlee, Leah, Rachel, Corey (trombone), Dan, Emma, Connor and Corey (euphonium), Devan & the IVY quartet, silver to Tyler, Chris & the cornet quartet, who played together and in tune in my opinion. This years accompanist was David Gillet, who was praised by the adjudicator for his sensitive playing. Selected for the concert of gold performance were: Devan, Corey, Karlee, Connor and the band. What a concert! For the second time in its history, the Jim Perry Trophy was won by Devan Levinski. The band had to pass on the outstanding performance award to Corey Croisier. Paul could not be with us and neither could Roxanne who suffered a riding accident - best wishes to her.
The spring concert in May 2005 at St. Peter's was packed like always, and the listeners were treated royaly. The format was changed from previous years, and Jim included the 2 quartets, featured 2 euphonium duets: Andrew/Connor and Connor/Corey, plus 2 solos: Dan (cornet) and Jim played himself (valve trombone). It was a very emotional event for Jim who played once more after a lenghthy break, but is convinced that this might have been his last solo, since he once again has to face another major operation. Our thoughts,prayers and support are with Jim, Eva and family. A big 'Thank You' goes out to the 'Anglican Church' our host. Band members are at the church almost every day of the week. Jim is either giving lessons to the young players and the quartets or we are all at our weekly practice. The church also designs and prints the beautiful posters and tickets, andt hey feed everybody after the concert with delicious 'goodies' like fruit, cheese etc. Also, Thanks to the "Trillium Foundation" who made it possible to buy much needed instruments. Our regular supporters must have been aware of two guests during the spring concert. We were fortunate to welcome Katie and Christa back from University to play with us. The May 2005 concert was also the end of our season this year. We had to say goodbye to Claire, who played the drums for us for a couple of seasons. All the best at University. P.S. As you are all aware, there is no filming or picture taking allowed during the festival, but somehow MCTV learned about our outstanding young musicians, and did a session with them and also interviewing Jim. It was aired in May 2006 on TV.

      2006 to 2010 The promotional (Kiwanis Music Festival) concert in December 2006 was loaded with treats. Besides playing interesting pieces, Andrew & Connor presented a breathtaking Euphonium duet. The trombone section was featured (Devan, Corey,Elisabeth, Paul, Cara). Corey dazzled us with "Sugar Blues" on the muted valve trombone, and Devan reached all the high notes in "I'm getting sentimental over you". The King George Public School Band also entertained and joined our band for several pieces which the young players enjoyed tremendously. Rumor has it that some ladies from our band played the 'National Hymn' at the opening of a hockey game, and another configuration played "The Last Post" at a Remembrance Day Service. The IVY quartet saw some changes - Emma a hornplayer left and Corey took her place. The cornet quartet might turn into a trio, since Cole decided to pursue other interests. Of course we were engaged at the lessons and carol service again this year, for the 36th time in a row. It is truly a night to remember. We managed to find new Christmas music and Connor contributed to the festive atmosphere with his solo, as well as the euphonium quartet (Andrew, Jackie, Corey, Connor).
On March 8 2006, during our regular practice, Devan got up to give a most astonishing speech. His KLCVI highschool band had participated in the Northen Ontario Music Festival, and the adjudicator selected Corey Croisier, Devan Levinski & Kirk Shorrock as representatives for the "Concert of Champions". Sudburians fasten your seat belts, you are in for a real musical treat with those 2 trombonists and Kirk on the tuba. Congratulations from all of us, and a big fat "Thank You" to Jim Perry, teacher "extraordinaire"! The 6th annual Kiwanis Music Festival was held on March 30 & 31, 2006 at Northern College. An old friend "Mr. Robert Arnold" from London was the adjudicator. He was wondering whether these players came from another planet, they were superb, all from the same town & all so young. They had one thing in common: their teacher JIM PERRY. Everyone of his students won a gold award. It was even suggested that Connor could not be taught to improve (let that one sink in!!) and that Kirk could make money with his tuba playing. Mr. Arnold was a good sport and handed Kirk a "Super Bass" T-shirt, a tradition in our band for super playing. Kirk earned it! The tension broke, when we learned that Connor Shorrock won the prestigious Jim Perry Trophy. Alison, a Grade 1 "brass" student, showed off her enormous range. The duet (Leah & Karlee) was rock steady, the trio Leah, Karlee, Tyler showed no weakness, and the quartet (Dan, Rachel, Connor, Corey) played clean, articulate with a roundness to tonality and intonation - keep it up!, as expressed by Mr. Arnold.. He of course could appreciate all the marvelous playing that David mastered as accompanist for all soloists. It was a joy to observe the Master of Ceremonies "Mr. Richard Moore" from Cochrane. Our thanks goes out to the organizers, sponsors & to parents. It's not forgotten, we just did not have a "Concert Of Gold" this time, due to lack of entries. It seems we are trying something new every year, and 2006 was no exception. Off we went on our concert tour. Matheson was great. The lunch was out of this world! Englehart listeners enjoyed their highschool band, the KLBB plus the bands united. The bus drive home was something to write home about, since we had to swirl around a moose on the road. Our last concert of the season was held at St. Peter's, laden with surprises. The band was marvelous, played varied styles and Jim was honoured yet again. He was presented with the Kiwanis Club's "Robert McChesney Award" by Bob's daughter Mrs. Beverly McChesney-Rumble for his "special contribution to the education and enjoyment of music in our community".
In September 2006 we rehearsed under the baton of Mr. Robert van Dine, who came all the way from Haileybury, to help us out, while Jim took a little breather for his recovery. That was not all that was new. Jackie turned in her euphonium in favour of drums. Jessica Lee quit, and Laiken & Lauren joined. One night we had the golden opportunity to play in the music room of our new highschool (KLCDS, Kirkland Lake, Composite District School). Needless to say we played a piece for the principal, Mrs. Henry. Our band contributed to the Remembrance Day Celebration, despite the wind and snow on the ground. We came prepared with clothpins, handwarmers, and well oiled instruments. The cornets played the "Last Post", wearing white gloves. Lunch was served at the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch #87. To end the 2006 year we held our annual meeting with a bit of a social gathering afterwards. The traditional service of Lessons and Carols was held at.St. Peter's and the Carillon was played superbly. Some members of the congregation are asking for it year after year. It might become a tradition. Rachel presented her difficult solo and Corey and Connor spoiled us all with their duet.
The practises in 2007 will be conducted by David Gillet, since Jim needs to undergo another operation. We all wish him the best, and thank him for calling everyone to wish us a wonderful New Year.

      2007 The news about Jim's passing spread like wildfire, and the shockwaves were unstoppable, but we had to prepare to play at his funeral. A service of celebration and thanksgiving for the life of
Jim Perry (November 24, 1933 - January 15, 2007)
was held by Reverend Edna Murdy at St.Peter's Anglican Church. Tribute after tribute could be given to honour Jim. Here are the words that sustained him:
The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not be in want.
He makes me lie down in green pastures and leads me beside still waters.
He revives my soul and guides me along right pathways for his name's sake.
Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil;
for you arewith me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.
You spread the table before me in the presence of those who trouble me;
you have annointed my head with oil, and my cup is running over.
Surely your goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life,
and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever. Psalm 23

The band was conducted by David Gillett and at appropiate times we played Jim's favorites and his longtime signature tune "Colonel Bogey", "Land of My Fathers", "Crimond", "Will Ye No' Come Back Again" Refreshments were served, we shared stories about Jim with friends,former members and with Eva and David Perry and their families. Our thoughts are with them.
Over the next little while ideas will crystallize with clearer pictures emerging of how we can continue, with the Music Festival knocking on our door.

      David Gillett stepped up and took on the role of Conductor. Thank you very much David! He is also taking on some students, while other band members, ie. Connor and grandparents, ie. Eric Purney are helping out. We have been holding monthly meetings to keep all aspects of the band in good standing order.
On March 9,2007 Tina, Jessica Lee, Dan, Rachel, Lynne, Elisabeth & Connor played the National Hymn at the opening of the NOHA Bantam playoffs. (Northern Ontario Hockey Association) Kirk was doing a wondeful job conducting. The specialty of this event was Connor's playing in his hockey outfit while the rest of us were in uniform. Kudos to Connor. His team won the championship. Just a month earlier, Northern News announced this years "Canadian Home Workshop Magazine's Woodworker of the Year Award" which will go to Andrew Coholic. Another great talent in our band. Greg said good bye to us (with a tear in his eye), to join his wife down South, who is already working there. The "Foothills Brass Quintet" came to town as part of the Arts Counsel's Concert Series, and we were excited about their phenomenal playing, intertwined with entertaining showbiz - a memorable event. On top of that they led us into the secrets of "breathing" the non plus ultra of good playing. This April Workshop included several warm up exercises as well, and generous use of their website. Thank you, Chris Morrison, Jay Michalik, Rosalee Morrison, Ben Perrier, Keith Harthorn-Walton Putting some of those newly acquired skills to work, brings a lot of giggling with it.
May 4,2007, "Happy Tuba Day", according to CBC's Radio show "Q". Music Festival Goers did not have to feel left out, since we listened to 2 wonderfully played Tuba pieces ourselves, confidently performed by Kirk Shorrock. Caroline Gionet and Michael Goard entered the festival for the first time and did a "golden" job of it. A few years ago Alison Campbell sang "Lullaby" at the music festival, today she presented Brahm's Lullaby on her cornet, with convincing sound, good range and she held every note to its full value. The duet by Leah Shorock & Karlee Betti showed good sense of dynamic & tuning, they played well together, creating a beautiful sound, which they also applied to their solos. Rachel practised with recorded music. Today she was accompanied (at least for 1 piece) by Corey. Rachel had to conquer high B's and deal with difficult rythms - no problem for her, congratulations. According to the adjudicator (Mr. Brian Strachan), Connor & Corey's duet was "24 Karat Gold". Connor's solo was peppered with notes, and only he knows how to perform it seemingly effortless with exceptional musicality & superb technique.Devan treated all to amazing pedal tones & range, tasteful cadenzas. This was our first festival without Jim, and I thought a lot about his influence on these young players. We need to thank parents, the Kiwanians, teachers and David Gillett who took on the task of conductor and still accompanied the soloists. Thank you David. Thanks to Richard Moore, Master of Ceremonies of the 7th Annual Kiwanis Music Festival in Kirkland Lake. We traveled in a yellow school bus to all destinations on our concert tour. Matheson, Englehart, New Liskeard and Kirkland Lake were our stops. The atmosphere was electrifying,chattering & singing on the bus. The program was deliverd with great gusto, but what really impressed me the most was the spontaneous reaction to Rachel's solo by the listeners.She had barely finished when the people as if on queue, jumped to their feet and showered her with a standing ovation. A quiet change has taken place,namely a switch of "chairs" between Andrew & Connor. We enjoyed our concerts with the KLDCS students in November, the annual Christmas concert at St. Peter's and in Haileybury. 3 of our players decided to leave the band for other commitments, Andrew, Jackie & Craig.
2008 We learned about the cancellation of the Kiwanis Music Festival in town, and decided to enter the band in New Liskeard. Our interim arrangement for the running of the band took on a new face with the nomination of 3 directors in February 2008, in compliance with the laws of corporations. The idea of joining the music festival needed to be revised, since several of our musicians attended a rock concert in Toronto at that time. We concentrated on our spring concert series, then held a "MUSIKFEST" in town with Lauren, Alison, Leah, Connor & Devan participating. Cool sunglasses Devan - fitting for "Pink Panther". The Kiwanians plus a variety of private music teachers introduced their students to this non competitive event. David Gillet was the Master of Ceremonies for part of the program and also accompanist. Musicians received a trophy, a flower (for Mom or the teacher) and a goodie bag. Everyone enjoyed the donated refreshments afterwards. Our first concert in the series was held in Iroqois Falls, after their school-band and solo performances. Rachel Goard, Alison Campbell & Devan Levinsky contributed solos and Corey Croisier & Connor Shorrock played a euphonium duet. The crowd was very appreciative, and we enjoyed the lunch afterwards. On our busride home we decided the night belonged to Rachel, since she continued playing when the 'electronics' (left on by mistake) made disturbing noises, almost sounding like gunfire. Since we were the only feature for the concert at St. Peter's, David added a few pieces and definitely delighted the audience. Connor played his part of the duet as well as ever, despite his foot injury - a soccer accident. Perry Kong attended and took a group picture of the band, as well as individual shots, which he will offer us for publication. We enjoyed the lunch, chatted with the listeners and learned that they enjoyed Rachel's clear , soft playing. Matheson offered a double feature, the Kirkland Lake Brass Band and a play by their students - "The Lion King". After Alison played her solo a lengthy "ahhhh" was audible in admiration of her performance. When David announced her age thundering applause was added. With no exception, at all three concerts the audiences enjoyed the "Fare well Symphony" by Papa Haydn. All of us, but mostly the young people can't wait for the culinary treats after the concert. From Lasagna to meatballs, to sandwiches, veggies, fruit, cheese, pickles, pumpkin squares, and the list can go on, pop, water and coffee too - the choices are endless. Kirk even got his own dish this time. Thank You Matheson! A word of thanks belongs to the "Drummer". Mark organised the events, looked after the setting up of chairs and stands etc. Craig and Kirk gave him a hand. Thanks to you all and thanks to David for another exceptional year.
2009 The local foodbank was in desperate need for supplies, so once more David organised a variety of musicians to perform, including several brass players. Lauren played a solo on her trombone and Leah played hers on the flugelhorn. Leah, Steven, David & Kirk formed a quartet accompanying the Ensemble Melodia. All proceeds, monetary or food items were donated. Lynne, Leah & Corey helped out at a hockey game, playing the National Hymn, while Steven played at the Remembrance Day Service. For 2 nights in a row members of our band played xmas carols at Northern College, opening the "Jamie Taylor & Firends" concerts and comedy to benefit the "Temiskaming Child & Family Services". The Annual Carols and Lessons Service at St. Paul's Anglican Church in Haileybury was as enjoyable as ever. We were joined by a local school choir that sang beautifully. A hearty, delicious soup plus other goodies sent us home on a cold early evening. You might remember that we had to cancel the 10th anniversary, a few years ago, because of a horrendous storm, and from then on we travel by bus. On the 19th of December, 2009, chairs were set up at Central Public School for us to help out with their Christmas Concert. Excited young children, adorned in red and green outfits sat on the floor to participate in the sing song; in English & in French. The principal Karen Gamble introduced us, by asking who was a former student at the school - 4 hands went up. Some of us were former teachers, and one even a grandmother to present students, who were encouraged to greet "Granny". Every single kid said "HI". We all burst our laughing, it was priceless. Showing off the tuba and demonstrating its range brought a big roar of astonishment through the young crowd. Towards the end, a delegation of students came forward to present each one of us with a few hasty notes and a pen engraved with the schools name. What a delightful "Thank You". Our 34th annual Christmas concert at the Anglican Church was great. Thanks everyone! The "Domestic Diva" Judy Gryska, Perry Kong - journalist, the Northern News, Edna Murdy - minister, A.C.W.of St. Peter's, readers,designers, printers and sellers of tickets and programs, set up & take down crew, conductor, musicians and an appreciative audience, all contributed to the success of that magnificent carol and lesson service, on March 4, 2009. It was Tina's last evening with us. She had decided to move closer to her family To sweeten her departure Mark had framed a photo of the band, taken by Perry Kong. The rest of us received a poster portraying the band which was greatly appreciated. Any one for solo cornet? Leah had done it once before alone, but that night in middle of March she was supported by Rachel and Elisabeth to play the "National Hymn" at an NOHA (Northern Ontario Hockey Association) Midget B Championship.
On May 28, 2009, we had the honor of playing at St. Paul's Anglican Church in Hailebury. Also performing was "A Rose and Two Thorns", comprised of three very talented musicians: Karen Ross, Darren Elford and Rob Van Dine. During the Annual Spring Concert in Kirkland Lake, the band recognized Kay Kardos by awarding her the first ever "Honorary Member Award".
The Annual Spring Concert took place on,May 31, 2010. Good-byes were expressed to Rev.Edna Murdy, retiring from the position of church minister and avid fan of the band. Ev Orcheson became a "Honorary Member" of the Kirkland Lake Brass Band for her unwavering support throughout the years. We also said farewell to Mark Gionet for his contributions to the band for the last few years. Work commitments has made it difficult for him to carry on in the band.
On December 19th 2010 It was the band's 36th Carols and Lessons at St. Peter's Anglican Church.(Our first one was in 1974!) The new minister, Rev. Moote was our MC. In short, Moote was a hoot. We were delighted to give Mrs. Helen Sandrin the "Honorary Member Award". Whenever she could, Helen would attend concerts and cheer us on.
We held our Annual Spring Concert at St. Peter's on May 1 st 2011. Vikki Van Oosten played the timpanies, and Janet Milette played the organ for "Thus Spake Zarathrustra", our opening piece. Also playing in the concert were the St. Peter's Bell Ringers, conducted by our very own Janet. Our fine soloists were: Alison, Laiken, Lauren and Connor. This was the last time Connor Shorrock played for the band as he is heading off to university in the fall. As a send-off for him,he received,in jest, a photo of the band with his face in place of all the band members and a robe with KLBB and his hockey number. Connor was very gracious about the fun and he played it up much to the delight of the audience. He also received a pen set. Connor will be greatly missed. Joyce Allen was also recognized and given the Honorary Member Award. Joyce had been involved in the printing of tickets and programs for many years.
Our Spring Concert was at St. Peter's on May 24 th 2012.This was Leah's last performance before she headed off to University. She was the soloist in, "As Time Goes By". How appropriate! Best Wishes on your future endeavours, Leah. Alison was featured in "Perhaps Love" written by John Denver. Lauren also was a soloist playing "The Acrobat". A great piece, usually played as a piano solo in more recent years but it was originally played by the Liverpool Brass Band. Kirk, not to be outdone played "The Bombastic Bombardon".
We held a Spring Concert at St. Peter's on June 2 nd 2013. This was a wonderful concert and for once the weather was cooperative. The Soloists were: Alison,Lauren and Kirk. Kirk's rendition of Seven Fathoms was AMAZING!! Imagine playing a cornet solo on a BBb tuba. Quite a feat. This year there was a tribute to 007, James Bond in recognition of 50 years of Bond movies. The St.Peter's Handbell Choir were also there to entertain those present.
A Special performance by the Kirkland Lake Brass Band was at the plaque unveiling at The Toburn Historical Site in Kirkland Lake on June 29 th 2013. It was a beautiful, sunny but slightly breezy day as many members used clothes pins to keep their music put.

The band is a valuable part of the cultural life of the community

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